What to wear for fall family photos


What to wear for fall family photos

What to wear for fall family photos



Planning a fall family photo session? Struggling on what to wear? Here are my top tips that will really make your fall photos POP!  Fall is such a wonderful time to get photos done. Just follow these tips, and fall will become your favorite time for family photos.

  1. Stick with only 2-3 main colors.  Fall is known for the natural colors in the landscape so I tell clients that they should provide a color palette that works with all family sizes and shapes. Blue is the basis for so many color palettes since so many colors blend well with it. Jeans are a staple in most families’ wardrobes. So blue usually starts with a good base. Adding another color that mom looks good in, is usually the next step.


 2. Add a pop of color. Purple or mustard tend to make a great statement, weather it be a scarf, statement necklace, or a belt.  Patterns are something that will allow a good pop as well as    interest, but keep them limited. Too many patterns can overwhelm a good color combo.

Top tips on what to wear for your Fall family pictures- add a pop of color

3. Accessorize and layer. As I said before, necklaces, scarves, and belts are a great way to add a color pop, and allows a layering that will provide depth to a family photo.

Layering Accessories is a great way to add style for your family pictures in the fall or for christmas photos

4. Have Mom pick out color that look best on her first and then build the family colors and outfit choices around her. If mom looks good, she will like the photo so why not pick a color that compliments Mom so she can be sure that the photos make it off the computer screen and on to the walls.

My top tip for deciding on what to wear for your fall family photos is start with mom then work remaining pallets and outfits in.

All these tips are just a starting point. I think that nature provides a good palette and serves as a true inspiration.

Most important aspect is taking a deep breath and having fun. Nothing looks better on a person than a good smile!


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