Class of 2020 Graduation Porch Sessions

Grad Porch Sessions

Grad Porch Sessions

Today was a sad but inevitable day. Schools are physically closed for the remainder of the school year. As a mom of a 2020 graduate, I feel the pain you are feeling as a parent. This hurts. Our kids are getting chipped.

I was trying to think of what I can do, and I think every parent and graduate deserve a cap and gown picture. Since we can’t go to the school, we will do out front of your home. I am happy to offer these sessions at a safe social distance. You deserve professional photos for this wonderful lifetime achievement.

Sign ups are available in this form. NO payment until schedule is released. These mini sessions are quick and include ONE High Resolution Digital File and Print Release.

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What to Wear in Family Photos

What to Wear in Family Photos:

Family Photos are an investment in your family. They are memories that you will cherish for years to come. They capture your family at that moment in time, and you want that moment to look it’s best.

what to wear in your family photos

Picking out what to wear for family photos is one of the hardest parts of arranging family photos and often one of the things that hold people back from booking family photos. But picking out what to wear in family photos does not have to be stressful. Here are some tips on picking out what to wear for family photos to help your family be photographed in their best light.

what to wear for family beach photos

Colors Coordination

I always stress with my clients that you want to go for color coordinating rather than uniformity. Everyone does not need to be in white and khaki. Primary colors work well just be sure to mix them up and add in complementary colors. Try to pick one primary color and then add in one or two complimenting colors.

Don’t be too matching

When it comes to picking colors it can be easy to go with all the same color but you don’t want it to look like everyone is in a uniform. Follow the rule of building your outfits around a coordinating color and then add in pops of your complimentary colors.

Wear what makes you Comfortable

Pick something you look good in. These photos are going to be on your walls for years, you don’t want to look back and hate what you were wearing. Ill fitting clothes not only make you feel bad but it comes through in facial expressions. When you feel great in your clothes you look great. Pick an outfit that you love and feel good in.

Add in Layers

Layers give depth and dimension to your photos. For summer think of long pendant necklaces or a cute belt. For winter think: scarves, cardigans, statement necklaces or even hats. Be flexible with your layers, no one will be smiling if they are too hot or too cold.

Avalon beach family portraits
Fall photos outfit ideas for a family of five

Consider season

You are going to want photos that look good year round. So when you are getting those photos for holiday cards also consider if you will be hanging these pictures up year round. If so maybe go with a less “holiday themed” shoot or avoid wearing Christmas hats. My family always wants to do Santa hats but I would rather our yearly family photos not scream Christmas.

What to Avoid

There are a few things you want to avoid when it comes to family photos.  Neon colors can photograph harshly or leave a cast on skin. Big lettering or words on a shirt can be distracting. Wearing lots of green for an outdoor shoot where there might be lots of green will make you not stand out in the photos.

Where to shop

There are many great stores that do a wonderful job of providing coordinating outfits for the whole family at a variety of price points. I generally recommend Gap, H + M, and Old Navy since they both have a variety of basics for the whole family. Free People, Zara and Urban Outfitters are always great for women too.

Picking out clothes for family photos doesn’t have to be stressful. You can use sites like Polyvore to build out a lookbook for your photos. Or just simply lay all your outfits together and go for the look you like best. When in doubt ask a friend to come shopping with you or to help make a judgement call on what to wear.

outfit ideas for family photos

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How to schedule vacation family photos

When is the best time during vacation to schedule family photos?

Avalon beach family portraits

Often clients ask me when is the best time during a vacation to schedule family photos. Some want to get it done early in the week, while others think it might be best to wait till the end. But after years of taking family vacation photos I’ve come to find that there are certain days of the week that are best for family vacation photos.

As a photographer I have found that Monday or Tuesday of a week long vacation (figuring the vacation started on Saturday) or within the first 2-3 days to be the best days to schedule your family vacation photos and here is why.

summer family photos in cape may

By scheduling your photos within the first 2-3 days of your vacation allows everyone to get into vacation mode but not too into vacation mode. Little kids will likely still be on their schedules from home. Kids will still be in agreeable moods. Family squabbles are less likely to have started and people are less inclined to view it as a chore. No one wants photos of a cranky family. Family photos are best when everyone is fresh and relaxed.

Another reason I recommend getting photos early in your trip is because everyone will have had a chance to enjoy the sun but hopefully not get burnt. You would hate to have forever photos of your awful sunburn. Getting photos early also ensures that the photos happen so if something unforeseen comes up there is time to reschedule. We all know things happen on vacation: kids gets sick or the weather takes a turn.

large family photos on vacation

Photographers prefer golden hour which is an hour before sunset. Most of my session are done then. But long summer days means later sunsets. So I always recommend that nap so 7-8pm is not too much to ask from toddlers. I also like to suggest doing photos early in the morning (if you can’t do sunset times which in the summer gets very late for little kiddos). The light is best then and it takes less time out of your day. By doing the pictures early in the morning you aren’t taking your kids away from the beach to do something they might not enjoy. But be prepared because 5-6am is the call time.

I generally tell all my clients to schedule early in their vacation so that we can expect the unexpected and have ample time to capture wonderful family vacation photos.

large family portraits

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A Coastal Intimate Wedding at The Reeds of Stone Harbor, NJ.

Jennelle and Anthony had long planned for a coastal and intimate wedding reception with just close friends and family. On a warm and sunny fall day on the waterfront of Stone Harbor’s premier hotel, The Reeds at Shelter Haven, the lovely couple celebrated their love and shared a fun day filled with love and a room filled with their favorite people.

A coastal and intimate wedding at the Reeds of Shelter Haven in Stone Harbor, NJ.
A coastal and intimate wedding at the Reeds of Shelter Haven in Stone Harbor, NJ.
Silk robes for the bride, flower girl, and mother of the bride make a fun extra thought when getting ready for a wedding.
Wedding poses for a fun couple by the water.
A coastal and intimate wedding at the Reeds of Shelter Haven in Stone Harbor, NJ. by Karrie Davis Photography Studios.
A coastal and intimate shore wedding at the Reeds of Shelter Haven in Stone Harbor, NJ.
A coastal and intimate shore wedding on the water at the Reeds of Shelter Haven in Stone Harbor, NJ.
A coastal and intimate wedding at the Reeds of Shelter Haven in Stone Harbor, NJ by Karrie Davis Photography.
A coastal and intimate wedding at the Reeds of Shelter Haven in Stone Harbor, NJ.

A bit about the couple:

We got engaged at Disney World in front of Mickey and Minnie with my daughter. One of the things we as a couple love to do is play games and wager bets (cards, bowling, mini golf, arcade games, guess the dinner bill, trivia, board games)…we both like to compete and what better way than to compete with one another, haha.

Contact Karrie Davis Photography here to see if your wedding date is available!

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Best Places for Fall Photos in Southern New Jersey

Best Places for Fall Photos in Southern New Jersey

Fall is a great time of year to consider family photos. It’s the start of a new school year so everyone tends to have fresh haircuts and new outfits, making it easy to have every one photo ready. Also, you don’t have to worry about kids, or husbands, getting cranky in the hot sun. Fall is also great for photos because there are so many beautiful places for Fall Photos in Southern New Jersey. These Southern New Jersey locations make for stunning backdrops to your family photos.

Fall Photos in Southern New Jersey by Karrie Davis Photography

Best Places for Fall Photos in Cape May County, New Jersey

Belleplain State Forest -Woodbine

Located in Cape May County a short drive from Ocean City or Sea Isle City is Belleplain State Forest. It is a great place to capture lots of fall foliage in a beautiful and somewhat remote setting. A trip to Belleplain State Forest really takes you away from the feeling of being at the beach and surrounds you in nature. Pictures here will have all the elements of the perfect fall photo.

Cape May County Park and Zoo – Cape May Court House

Little known fact the Cape May County Park and Zoo isn’t just for kids and it isn’t all about the animals. The Cape May County Park and Zoo has trails, beautiful scenic green fields, a quaint gazebo and along with pavilions and a ropes course. There is so much to do at the Cape May County Park and Zoo, which makes it a favorite place for visitors to South Jersey. The park makes for a beautiful backdrop for any fall photos and a great day out with your family making it easy to convince them to get in the photos.

Cape May County Park Fall family of five

Best Places for Fall Photos in Atlantic County, New Jersey

Atlantic County Park – Estell Manor

Located on Rt. 50, the Atlantic County Park in Estell Manor is centrally located even if you live in Cape May County. The park is 1700 acres and features trails, playgrounds, river access and more. The park is a great location for fall photos because it provides a variety of backdrops from traditional fall foliage photos to more unique photos with the glasswork ruins in the background or riverfront photos. The park is also a great location for family fall photos because there is so much for families to do and explore that your family will be happy to spend an hour at the park.

Fall photos in Southern New Jersey

Birch Grove Park – Northfield

Like Atlantic County Park and the Cape May County Zoo, Birch Grove Park has so much for families to do after they get they take their fall photos. The park has a playground, picnic areas, and nature trails but during the fall it also offers Family Friendly Hayrides. The trails at Birch Grove Park make for a great place to capture families enjoying all the beauty of the fall season. Throughout the park, there are many great places to take pictures including along the lake and farther along the trails where the fall colors really shine.

Weymouth Furnace – Mays Landing

Weymouth Furnace is a little-known place located in the Weymouth section of Mays Landing on Rt. 559. It is the remnants of what was Weymouth Forge where Iron was once produced, and the land housed a furnace, forge, gristmill, Methodist church, sawmill, large owner’s mansion, store, 20 workers’ houses, a blacksmith shop, and a wheelwright. What now remains is a beautiful park filled with trees, stone arches, a babbling brook, and wooden bridges. It is a beautiful spot for truly unique fall photos. No one will guess that you found this place just 30 minutes from the beach.

Fall Family outfits in fall photos in southern New Jersey Yellow fall favorite dress

Batsto Village- Hammonton

Batsto Village is in Wharton State Park is a historical site that is a step back in time to the days when villages had a sawmill and blacksmith. Visitors can walk around and explore the old buildings and houses and see what life was like in a different time. Batsto is also home to many scenic sites and trails perfect for one-of-a-kind fall photos. The architecture of the old buildings mixed with the fall landscapes makes for a striking backdrop to any family photos.

Fall outfits for a family of fiveBatsto Village makes fun fall photos in southern New Jersey

While all of these locations offer beautiful fall landscapes don’t forget South Jersey’s beaches and the boardwalk which can still make for a beautiful backdrop any time of the years. During the off-season, you may find them a bit less crowded making for gorgeous photos with all lot less crowds.

Coastal blue Christmas in southern New Jersey

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