Family Photographer | Serving all of South Jersey

NJ Family Photographer | Serving all of South Jersey

Being hired as a family photographer is a special and honorable task. To all my families that I have captured so far, thank you.  You trusting in me to capture your family is such a gift. I hope I captured your family perfectly.  My style is not one where I am just doing the perfect smiles and everyone at their best.  That is great to catch but rare. I treasure all the giggles from tickles, and the stolen kisses that moms plant on their kiddies. The connection is what I aim to capture, not just the smiles. During my time in our session, I like to catch the little moments that you may not have remembered.  I am capturing your family in this moment in time. It is a moment that will never come again and you will have these memories captured to remember them by. Whether I capture you in the summer on the beach with sand in your toes, or I capture you in the fall light in a green pasture, you will be forever glad you have these moments.   I appreciate all the clients who put effort into scheduling this time, shopping for the perfect coordinating outfits, and gathering all the members of the family so I could capture them.  I hope you treasure your moments forever.