Vintage inspired newborn baby girl photo shoot | Margate, NJ

the cutest newborn baby girl outfit ever! love the lace dress and this floral lace head piece accessory, the cutest. South Jersey newborn photographer Newborn baby inspiration with pretty angel wings. Newborn girl photos  by Karrie Davis Photography South Jersey newborn photographer captures this beautiful baby girl. love the newborn posingneed outfit inspiration for newborn baby girl? I just fell in love with this lace dress and pink floral head band - Vintage inspired newborn


Little Miss Olivia was adorable.  She is 21 days new. That is a first for me.  Newborn baby photos are usually best taken at no more than 14 days old. She did put up a good fight, in terms of wanting to sleep. By 3 hours in, I was starting to wonder if she should fall asleep. But I held out enough hope and she gave in.  When she finally closed her eyes and seemed settled, I was a flurry of activity with my camera and outfits, headbands, and everything.  Trying very hard not to be a perfectionist with hands, or feet since I was scared of waking her.

I love being able to capture newborn babies as this stage is so fleeting. They grow so very fast in the first few months.  But the squishy-ness that is a newborn, make it so fun to create poses that they remind them of being all secure for those long 10 months.

The neutral tones are becoming something that I love doing.  I love the natural and monotone feel that comes from ivory or blush. I plan on doing more of my newborns in a neutral and classic look and really making it my own style.

Little Miss O was one of my favorites. I think that often, right after editing a newborn photo session. I can’t wait for my next newborn photo shoot.

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