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Home Newborn baby Sessionnewborn photos at home in New type newborn photo sessions in New Jerseycute newborn outfit ideas for boys newborn photos in New Jersey.newborn photos with momsea themed nursing room for boysunique ideas for anchor and ocean theme boys nursing roomnewborn photo baby pictures of boys Lifestyle Home Newborn Baby Sessions are one of my favorite sessions to do. I love being able to go into a client’s home and just grab a snapshot at this overwhelming stage that bringing a newborn home can be. Many people think that this kind of session is a good alternative to coming into my studio for a posed newborn session. Some clients, especially new moms, have not thought about scheduling a newborn session until after the baby is here. I do all my studio-posed sessions within the first 12 days of life and some clients have not gotten around to wrapping their brain around mommyhood until that window has closed. In comes a newborn lifestyle session, an in-home session where I can capture an hour “in your life” session. Whether it is a feeding session in the rocker, hanging on the couch with dad, or settling into the new digs of the nursery, it is a reap snapshot into a true store of the new baby.

I also bring my travel beanbag and try some shots, because why not? But most babies from two weeks to a month have awaken to active awake cycles and their deep sleep is saved for night time. And posing newborns is something that need to be done in a deep sleep. I always try and encourage clients who have missed that newborn posed phase to try this way. As a newborn comes home, all schedules go out the door. I guarantee it will pass quicker than you want it to be, even though you long for solid 4-5 hours of sleep. There will be things you will not remember in your fog like state from that first month. Having an in home lifestyle session allows it to be captured for forever. It will be a session that you treasure the most.

In this session, the H family wanted to capture some newborn photos but were past the first 12 days of life. Their first born son was struggling with reflux so things were not going so smoothly for them at first.  But once the routine was established, she reached out to me.  I loved that I was able to capture his adorable nursery, plus some mom and dad cuddle time.

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