Snow Photoshoot |Tips for taking snow photos.

Snow Photoshoot |Tips for Taking Snow Photos


Winter is here. I live on the east coast and we get several snowstorms a year usually. There is something so magical and peaceful about a snowscape. I always try and bribe one of my boys to participate in a snow photoshoot. I have been known to pay in lollipops. I have learned some lessons and tips via the hard way on the best way to capture the best snow photos with your kids.

Tip# 1

Get your gear accustomed to the temperatures. Don’t go from warm house, to warm car, then to cold outside. You will have some equipment issues. Put your camera in the bag in your cold car and then progress to outside temperatures. And do the same with warming up your camera once you are out of the cold.


Exposure Compensation — Bump it up to a +1 on your exposure dial. If you are unsure, look up in your camera manual. The grey in the snow really makes photos dark, so bumping it up will ensure that your snow is a true white.

Tip #3

Wear bright clothing to make your subject pop in all the white tones. Girls have it easier with this. A pink hat and scarf will do wonders on bringing the eye to your subject. I always give my boys hats and scarves from Old Navy for Christmas that I plan on making them use for a photos. They are so reasonable so I don’t feel bad about spending the $$.

Tip #4

Protect your gear. It might be a good idea to wait until the side blowing snow settles down. Windy snow pictures will not make it look magical. You can always add snow via the editing room in templates or layers! Lots can be found for free.


When editing or adding filters, you can never go wrong with black and white or sepia. They add the classic look of a winter wonderland.

Tip #6

Don’t want to go outside?? Maybe you have a sick kid or don’t want to venture out. Go near a window and the light of the snow outside really reflects onto your subject so you don’t need a flash!!

Tip #7

Have fun. Making memories filled with laughter and silliness is the point of the photos. Snow days are such a highlight of childhood.


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