Family Photography | A Sister’s Bond by Karrie Davis Photography

South Jersey Family Photography | A Sister’s Bond

A sister’s bond is one that will endure your entire life. I have two older sisters and a sibling will be there with you from cradle to grave. This type of relationship can vary depending on the different stages of a child’s life. But my sisters have seen me through every stage of my life and I know that I will always have their love and presence in my life.

On this fall day, I captured Leah and Maya in their backyard. This was the second session with them. Last year’s session went well but this year, they were able to truly sit together and enjoy playing together in perfectly coordinated sweaters and ugg boots. Leah is a wonderful big sister and love showing Maya the ropes of life.  Maya is a lovable soul who really has such a great smile. Both were hugging and giggling the whole time. As with every session, I like to do some individual pictures, and they both were popping in the background of those bloopers.

With all sessions, I try to capture the love and relationship between my subject. As you can tell, they love being sisters. I enjoyed seeing their relationship grow from siblings to friends as they will continue to be each other’s confidant.




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