Baby Charlotte – Smithville Newborn Photographer

Photo of cute baby girl sleeping for her newborn photos in Smithville NJsleeping baby pose for newborn picturesPhoto of newborn baby girl with her eyes open for her newborn pictures photo shoot in Smithville NJkarriedavisphotography39062016


Baby Charlotte was so perfect for our newborn pictures ! She loved to stare at me! You can tell she is really looking and you and studying all your features. She was so fun to capture. Her sweet face as she slept was so much fun and I did a majority of the photos from the session in the first 30 minutes. And she she smiled in her sleep, and I was able to capture it on my camera. I love giving parents a happy smile in their newborn images.  I think I like her awake pictures just as much as her angelic sleeping ones.


To book your newborn baby photo session, contact me today via the contact tab as I am booking into early 2017!

I also will be opening up some space in a photography studio, so stay tuned!



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