The W Family – Stone Harbor

Stone Harbor Family Photographer

Going on a vacation with extended family is hard. Especially when everyone lives on far ends of the map. But accomplishing that task is one worth documenting especially in the lovely town of Stone Harbor. I met the Workman families as they traveled from all over …. Pennsylvania to Montana … to converge onto their favorite shore town of Stone Harbor, NJ. Having grown up coming to their shore home in Stone Harbor for the summers always brings fond memories and so it is naturally obvious to all vacation back at their home away from home.

I love big families and all the crazy fun that goes with them. Trying to capture all the posed shots are best to get out of the way. They are important and will be on walls for years but the fun shots are always after those. The ones that let the kids run around, jump up and down and climb up lifeguard stands to jump off!

I love capturing all of it!! I love all the families that allow me in to capture their family’s love, silliness, and joy!

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