Valentine’s Day Box Fun | Hot Air Balloon

Valentine’s Day Box Fun | Hot Air Balloon


Valentine’s Day Box Making of a Hot Air Balloon:

My son Landon asked me to help him create his Valentine’s Day Box for his second grade exchange. I think the box is as important these days as the actual Valentine’s given which in itself is much different than the Valentine’s that I exchanged. Long gone are the days of generic index card sized valentines where we would handmake to pass out to our friends. As in everything, I turn to Pinterest. Pinterest is a wealth of information, ideas, quotes, recipes, etc. If you are a Pinterest beginner, check out my profile here.  I have a lots of boards for all faucets of my life. Think of it as ripping out recipes, or decorating ideas or great quotes you don’t want to forget and putting them in a journal or a book to keep together. Now it’s all digital and organized and I don’t stress about where I put it or coming up with great ideas. Why reinvent the wheel??

So in February, it’s a photographer’s slow season. I am not really that bored. I am taking less photos or taking more of my own kids. But I am keeping busy learning new techniques and learning the business side of the whole photography career. I am trying to catch up on my blog of all the wonderful sessions that I had no time to do.  I beg your forgiveness to accept this post as less about showing a great session, but more of my fun life with boys.

Now back to the box making.  Landon searched Pinterest with me and we had lots of choices. Lego box, Minion Box, Toilet Bowl Box (my fav!), and then he came to the Hot Air Balloon. His eyes lit up and he wanted to make it.  I told him that a real balloon would deflate in the two weeks that it needed to be up in his classroom. He choose the beach ball one. We came up with our supply list and then we went to every store you can imagine that might for them. Michael’s for the dowels, 5 Below for the basket (brown box would be easier but he liked the basket), and I have lots of scrap paper in my scrapbooking nook so he cut the triangles.  The beach ball was the biggest challenge. No store had one, with them all saying in a few weeks. So I ordered one off of Amazon, but of course, was way too small. Pool store to the rescue with a 36inch ball that was a perfect fit. I of course had to drop him off at school with that monster, no way was I trusting him on the bus with that piece of artwork, lol.  The oooohhhs and aaaaahhhhs he got at drop off from all the kids made him grin from ear to ear. And that was all I needed. One for the Pinterest WIN column.

His actual Valentine’s that he is giving were purchased from Etsy. Another site that is worth checking out!!

So what do you think?


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