What You Need for your Iceland Trip, Part Two

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What You Need for your Iceland Trip, Part Two

What You Need for your Iceland Trip, is a guide to help you prepare for your trip to Iceland which is made up of mostly green moss, and NOT ice. Now that your wardrobe is sorted out thanks to my first guide. And if you listened and rented a car, well then you will be beyond lucky at all the wonderful things that await you on your adventure.

Don’t be afraid to stop and take pictures.

Don’t be afraid to stop.  There will be so many breathtaking landscapes, adorable little churches, and cute little horses.  Please stop, but just don’t stop in the middle of the road.  There are tons of pull off spots for pictures.  Take advantage of those spots.  On our second day in Iceland, we did tons of driving, all along the southern sections, and had lots of spots to visit.  Whether it was the Icelandic horses who look like ponies all warm in their fleece like fur, or if it was to actually take a picture with ICE- It was a rare spotting, so it drew a crowd, there is so much to capture.  So much of Iceland looks like a movie set or a backdrop.  Just know that no picture is going to due Iceland any real justice in a photo.  A hard but true reality. But somethings are better in memory anyway!

Eat ALL the chocolates!

Iceland is known for their chocolates.  I thought that was cool, but I was not jumping at trying it because I am picky.  But I was DEAD wrong.  We discovered in Selfoss, a great restaurant that had the BEST hot chocolates I have EVER had.  (All capitals are a must to truly emphasize just how good these were.)   We stopped at Cafe Mika in Selfoss just after we got settled into our country house.  Not being a coffee drinker myself, I was channeling my inner 12 year old self and ordered a hot chocolate. Once I ordered it, the idea spread in my group and once a few of us were served, everyone had ordered one.  Some added to their coffee just to get a Mocha feel.  The homemade whipped cream was perfection on top what I believe to be a slice of heaven.  I will forever dream of this hot chocolate.  So leave the diet at home folks, because all Icelandic chocolates need to be tried.  Oh and throw in some Digestives for fun.

Elves, Trolls, Humor, and Chill

The Icelandic people are very funny.  They have a dry sense of humor and like to poke fun.  But something they don’t joke about is their very serious belief in elves and trolls.  No, you didn’t read that wrong.  The supernatural is believed here, and many say it is because Iceland has been so secluded from other civilizations that the belief is deep rooted.  But I don’t blame them, for the magic of Iceland is in the beauty.  How can so much beauty and amazing things be in one spot and how does one explain it? If it is the Northern Lights, or the rainbow forming over the waterfalls, or the cotton candy skies at sunset over the black sand in Vik.  The other thing is mention is the speed of which Icelandic people move.  Coming from the Northeast, where if we are not in a hurry, then we are sleeping.  Things move slowly there.  There is no rush to do much of anything.  So try to be patient, and enjoy the slow life.  You’re on vacation, what’s the hurry?

The Blue Lagoon is man made, but go anyway!

We came to the Blue Lagoon on our last night, just at dusk.  It was such a surreal experience. The Blue Lagoon only take reservations, so make sure you do that before coming.  And you are supposed to shower without a bathing suit to clean your self before going in (we just washed off in bathing suits) and make sure you put your hair up and slather tons and tons of supplied conditioner on your hair to protect it from the waters.  It is great for your skin, the lagoon waters, but not so much your hair.  The Blue Lagoon is powered by geo thermal heat and is filtered completely every 40 hours. We did the mud masks, as well as the algae masks.  A bar is in the blue lagoon so enjoy your spirits, and going at night was super cool.  Looking up at the beautiful night skies in the warm blue lagoon was a favorite memory of mine.


Experiencing Meraki in our Iceland trip with such a wonderful bunch of ladies was such a gift. We were all meant to be in each other’s lives to experience this trip. We went from not knowing each other, to leaving lasting footprints on our hearts and forever friendships with each other.  I am forever impressed with their God given skills, weather it be their photography, kindness, fun, authenticity, or teaching skills.   So much fun!!!


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