The BEST family beach photography in Cape May NJ // the S Family

brother and sister beach hugbrother and sisters hugging by beachsisters on beachbeach photos of siblingsgolden light beach sunsetthe BEST family beach photography in Cape May NJ // The S Family

the BEST family beach photography in Cape May NJ featured the “S” family along the most serene and lush landscape of Cape May, NJ. Beyond the amazing location with a breathtaking sunset, this family did not disappoint. They are a stunning family and the beauty that I captured does not compare to the kindness and love they have for each other. These children were loving and kind to each other. I have seen lots of families, but nothing compares to these siblings.  Mind you, I have four kids, so I can truly understand what patience and bribes a photographer endures to get kids to stand close to each other and seem loving. But these kids were the real deal. It was so special to be able to capture this family and I look forward to doing it year after year!

I hope to capture this light, this sunset, this kindness, this love, and this family bond in every beach session I do from now on.


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