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cute baby girl during newborn photo session. Photos by Karrie Davis Photographer

Welcome Lucy!

I have known Lucy’s momma a long time. And was beyond thrilled that Lucy would complete this family. Her older sister, Sadie, was dying to have a baby sister and big brother Bryce would be a great protector to his sister. I was overjoyed to be able to capture Lucy’s newborn session since I am so close with this family.

I prefer to do all my newborn photo sessions in the first 10 to 12 days from birth.  Most photographers do this that specialize in newborn portraits. The main reason is that during this sleepy first couple of weeks, you can lull a newborn to sleep rather easier than after the two weeks. And once asleep, they tend to get into a good deep sleep that is needed to do all the fun poses that people pin on Pinterest.

Lucy’s momma by her own admission is not a big planner and when I called her a few days after she got home to see when I could come over, she was a tad overwhelmed. It was summer, so the kids were home and they all were adjusting to being a family of five.  I think when I really pushed for my time window, my friend thought I was crazy. Well, she did think I was crazy because she told me so!  And on the day I came over to do the pictures, I could tell my dear friend was frazzled. Her mom was there helping with the older two, her husband travels for work a lot so he was just returning and baby Lucy was up a lot the night before.  But like I tell all my clients, there is no stress. I am not on a clock. We work on the baby’s schedule. I did my set up and we got some pictures. I never rush. If baby needs to eat, we stop and baby eats. I think we stopped for a lunch and let the kids run around for a bit. Then we picked it back up and captured pure magic!

And the very next day, Miss Lucy “woke” up.  I mean she really woke up and did not sleep for months.  She became very fussy and was put on reflux medication. Her mom and I laugh now, because she knows that if I didn’t come that day, it would not have happened!

Looking forward to catching all of Lucy’s fun memories!!!

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