5 Of My Favorite Things In Paris

5 Things you Must Do in Paris

5 Of My Favorite Things In Paris 

Paris, the city of light, is an absolute treasure. I experienced Paris for the very first time as a teenager. It was the spring of 1994, and I was a naive and under appreciative 16 year old. Arriving in April, where the Paris climate is known for being wet, damp, and dreary, I was not wowed by the city. The French people lived up to my bias of being condescending.  Of course it had nothing to do with my American expectation that everyone should know English, right?? It sure did. I left the city with conflicted feelings. I loved the vibe and edge that the city made me feel, but being an immature teenager, I could not appreciate all of the history, romanticism, and aesthetic awe that is truly the city of Paris.

Fast forward to 2017, a 40th birthday trip years in the planning for my husband and myself where the city of light was everything I had hoped I missed the first time there.  Europe is steeped in history and everywhere you turn, you are laden with centuries long narratives and tales. I wanted to share with you my top 5 favorite things in Paris that any trip would not be the same without.

  1. The Eiffel Tower

From the very first glance, beauty and chills thrill you when you come across it. And it is something that catches your breath away when you are not expecting to see it.  On the metro or walking up the street, and it will become visible. It is something that NEVER EVER gets old.  You absolutely need to go to up, and even if you have a fear of heights like myself, it is not to bad.  The views of the city of Paris are unbelievable just up on the first tier.  If you want to be brave and wait for the single car to go up to the top, berets off to you!!

Eiffel Tower, a view from below

Eiffel Tower from the Trocaderowalking up to the Eiffel Tower

2. Crepes

This sweet treat is a staple of Parisian desserts, and it can be found in little carts and just about every block throughout the city.  Adding Nutella, or just leaving with sugar, there is no wrong way to enjoy the deliciousness that is a crepe.

Parisian crepeCrepes are a Paris staple.

3. The Seine River

Walking along the Seine is one of the most essential and romantic things you can do as a tourist or resident in Paris, France. Riding on a Bateaux Mouche, or walking along the paths, it is a breathtaking sight and cherished memory.  Tango lessons (FREE!) are held along the Seine and it runs throughout the city which allows lots of maritime choices.

A view of the Seine River

4. the Metro (aka Subway)

The ease of the Paris Metro can not be overstated.  It is such an efficient and great way to get all over the city.  It is VERY VERY clean.  I am not sure how they keep it so clean.  The lines are spread all over the city, and are very clear in their communication with timings of trains, when the next train will be available.  My husband and I used the Metro from the very first day and I loved how friendly the French people were, and so much is in ENGLISH now so it was such a wonderful option.

Paris Metro map



5. Montmartre

One of the most adorable parts of Paris is the heavenly Montmarte.  It is everything you believe to be true Paris.  Cafes with ivy all over, cobble and brick lined streets, picturesque streets that screams the picture of a Parisian postcard.  Go there, get lost walking the streets, stop by a cafe and just sit outside and soak it all up.  It is why you came.

A Montmartre vineyarda ivy Montmartre streetLe Consult, a Montmartre icon


Until next time Paris, until next time….



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