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Photo of cute baby girl sleeping for her newborn photos in Smithville NJsleeping baby pose for newborn picturesPhoto of newborn baby girl with her eyes open for her newborn pictures photo shoot in Smithville NJkarriedavisphotography39062016


Baby Charlotte was so perfect for our newborn pictures ! She loved to stare at me! You can tell she is really looking and you and studying all your features. She was so fun to capture. Her sweet face as she slept was so much fun and I did a majority of the photos from the session in the first 30 minutes. And she she smiled in her sleep, and I was able to capture it on my camera. I love giving parents a happy smile in their newborn images.  I think I like her awake pictures just as much as her angelic sleeping ones.


To book your newborn baby photo session, contact me today via the contact tab as I am booking into early 2017!

I also will be opening up some space in a photography studio, so stay tuned!



I am a huge believer in Christmas cards. If you don’t send me one, you are not in my tribe. End of story.

I am kidding (but am I tho?) I love the excitement I feel checking the mail all of December.  Disclaimer ** I send mine out the day before Thanksgiving, around 2pm so they arrive on Black Friday or so.**   I like getting mine out, done. I have send my holiday cheers early, checked something off of my to do list since every one has such a long one around holidays. And I like being the original, so if someone has an identical one, I send mine first.  I use my cards to decorate my cabinets by hanging them up with thick velvet ribbon. I enjoy looking at them all month long. My family even saves years past and put them all in a basket to look through. At family dinners, we all take turns pulling out a card and saying a prayer, a memory, or what that family means to us.

Christmas cards and holidays

Photo courtesy of Allie Wilson Photography


So when I say I believe in them, I really mean it. And my years are limited. At what age do you stop sending photo cards? I don’t think when my boys are in their 20s and not even living with me, I can send them so why not enjoy it now.

But as much as I love getting cards and keeping them for years, the agony that I put myself through for months leading up to getting the card done is madness.

I say every year that I will get my family picture taken by July so I won’t have to torture myself. But I don’t. I love fall light, and all my favorites are in the October sun so my kids have to deal with outfits, starting in September. I usually have family pictures taken around then, but I often like to do my own pictures with my boys for my mini sessions as a backup.

custom christmas card photographer NJ

My Landon entertaining me….

Once I actually have the images in my computer, the real fun begins. I am so indecisive.

Should I go one big picture of us all on the front? Or should I do individual pictures of the four boys?  What designs do I like?

I search all the usuals suspects (mpix, minted, tiny prints, shutterfly, etc.), plus Etsy sells templates that I can buy and add pictures. I have found that I prefer 5×7 flat cards.

I have 4×6 cards from last year that I ordered but decided I didn’t like so they never have been sent. Maybe in 15 years, I can do a throw back Christmas card, since I have 100 sitting right here.

This year, foil is super popular. As is keepsake ornaments that pop out of the card.

I have done a year in review, but I don’t think people enjoy those much, and calculating miles driven or milk gallons bought is no fun! I sometimes do multiple styles and send to different levels of people. If you are in my tribe and care about your cards like I do, you get the favorite one, but if you don’t care or don’t even bother sending me one, then you may get my other styled cards.

ONCE I have done all the torturing and changing my mind, I am hopefully happy with my decision. I like to make the envelope pretty so I head over to Pinterest for all the script options that give me inspiration or good ideas for creative address styling.

As I sit down usually one night and bang these puppies out, I swear I am going to have them typed up for next year or even use so I can be done quicker.

So if you are one of my tribe and understand my craziness, leave a comment that I am not alone.


Below are some of the proofs from last year that I was undecided about.

Photos by Kristina Elizabeth Photography


Christmas Card ideas and inspiration


I am in the midst of my madness this year.

Will I go card, foil, ornament, etc.??? Possibilities are endless.

Stay tuned to see what I come up with!!

  • Karen Buchanan - Karrie,

    I love getting your cards. It is great to see the boys growing up (although too quickly). My boys are at the age where I am struggling (and have been for a few years) as to whether to continue my collage cards or do just one photo or maybe a ‘throwback’ of favorites from the past. SO MANY TOUGH DECISIONS… I have a box in the attic with each years photo cards that I receive from people. I LOVE looking back on them.

    Anyway, can’t wait to get your card this year. You’ll have to wait to see what direction I go (although I do have an idea). If I get a good photo at Thanksgiving, everything could change though.

    Good luck this year! Can’t wait to check my mail on Black Friday;)ReplyCancel

    • daviskarrie - I loved getting all your cards. You made collages before anyone! I like the throwbacks, I plan on doing them when my boys get older! xoxoReplyCancel

At home Newborn Photos

I got to meet this early arrival last month. She came several weeks early so we pushed off our her at home newborn photos in  week. She was so tiny when we did our pictures, that some outfits were quite loose. She was so good, and I was able to get several outfit changes and a poses. Her little legs stretched for days, and this gorgeous baby girl will be growing into her outfits so soon.

A benefit of an in home newborn photo session is the new parents can rest in the comfort of their own home, and just watch, sleep, etc. I love being able to bond with these newborns and talking with moms about all the new experiences they are discovering.

Caroline was so fair and so princess like, she was a joy to capture.  I am finding my style in newborn photography, and I favor so much of the neutrals and classic feel of a subdued and subtle color scheme.


Flotaki- Luneberry

Outfits – Avonli Cottage


At home newborn photos of this cute preemie South Jersey newborn baby girl photo shoot at home. Photos by Karrie Davis PhotographyBaby girl newborn props and ideas for photoshoot of a preemie baby


What to wear for fall family photos

What to wear for fall family photos



Planning a fall family photo session? Struggling on what to wear? Here are my top tips that will really make your fall photos POP!  Fall is such a wonderful time to get photos done. Just follow these tips, and fall will become your favorite time for family photos.

  1. Stick with only 2-3 main colors.  Fall is known for the natural colors in the landscape so I tell clients that they should provide a color palette that works with all family sizes and shapes. Blue is the basis for so many color palettes since so many colors blend well with it. Jeans are a staple in most families’ wardrobes. So blue usually starts with a good base. Adding another color that mom looks good in, is usually the next step.


 2. Add a pop of color. Purple or mustard tend to make a great statement, weather it be a scarf, statement necklace, or a belt.  Patterns are something that will allow a good pop as well as    interest, but keep them limited. Too many patterns can overwhelm a good color combo.

Top tips on what to wear for your Fall family pictures- add a pop of color

3. Accessorize and layer. As I said before, necklaces, scarves, and belts are a great way to add a color pop, and allows a layering that will provide depth to a family photo.

Layering Accessories is a great way to add style for your family pictures in the fall or for christmas photos

4. Have Mom pick out color that look best on her first and then build the family colors and outfit choices around her. If mom looks good, she will like the photo so why not pick a color that compliments Mom so she can be sure that the photos make it off the computer screen and on to the walls.

My top tip for deciding on what to wear for your fall family photos is start with mom then work remaining pallets and outfits in.

All these tips are just a starting point. I think that nature provides a good palette and serves as a true inspiration.

Most important aspect is taking a deep breath and having fun. Nothing looks better on a person than a good smile!


Best Beaches at the Jersey Shore for Family Portraits. NJ is a great place for family memories and photos.

New Jersey beaches are a mecca for vacationing families from all over the Tri- State area. And one of the most tried traditions is getting your family portraits taken on the beach. The summer is one of my busier times with all the vacationing family sessions. Since I grew up in South Jersey and most of my photography sessions and experience are in that area. I will keep my list to include Atantic and Cape May counties only. I am sure that Central Jersey has a ton of beautiful beaches, but ours is better! wink wink.

1. Cape May, New Jersey

Historic Cape May has a victorian touch and the best sunsets with a wonderful lighthouse for a scenic landscape. Cove Beach is one of my most favorite beach photography spots around! Cape May beaches have a versatile landscape. Most beaches don’t allow sunset views from the beach. Cape May also has some under developed open land around many of the bay beaches. It gives a feel unlike all of New Jersey.

Best beach photographer in South Jersey

2.  Avalon, NJ

Secluded beaches with sprawling dunes and long pathways to a white sand are the cornerstone of Avalon beaches. I  love the long pathways that I start every session. It allows enough shade to be able to do sessions earlier for the little ones whose bedtimes are much earlier than our summer golden hours. Sunrise sessions have become a fan favorite since it gives a certain feel that is good for little ones as well. Having the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean allows for some beautiful silhouettes that are something that I love being able to provide for all my families.

Avalon NJ is the perfect spot for family beach photos with variety of secluded spots that are so pretty.


3.  Ocean City, NJ

The family mecca for the boardwalk, and sun and surf is Ocean City. Often labeled,  America’s Greatest Family Resort, with a ferris wheel as a backdrop always makes for some fun family photos. The extreme north and south end of the eight miles of beach are photographer favorite gems.

Ocean City NJ is also one of my favorite South Jersey beaches for family pictures

Want your own family beach session of fall family portraits? Contact me today.